London Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) 
on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)


About us

Who are we?

The London RCE achieved accreditation by the UNU in 2010. London is the first European capital city to receive such an accolade. It presents a round table for people and organisations from education, state, business and civil society to cooperate on a ‘neutral ground’ to jointly promote all types of learning for a sustainable future.

The co-ordinating institution of the London RCE is London South Bank University, a university widely acclaimed for its ESD expertise. It has led the way in developing this new cross-sectoral network for sustainability which brings together business, government and third sector organisations in collaboration with the education sector.

London, as a global city, has many sustainability challenges but it also has a wealth of expertise to draw on and a rich diversity of knowledge and understanding from many global regions. The London RCE seeks to reflect this and to develop new knowledge and understanding in order to develop sustainable innovations for the future.

Vision Mission and Goals


A sustainable London where personal wellbeing, social justice and ecosystem health thrive in mutual balance

To become a leading ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) network that mobilises stakeholders from education, state, business and civil society around the common goal of building a sustainable London through learning while contributing to enrich ESD at global level through the Global Learning Space for ESD


With a local/regional focus:

• To build a sustainable London through transformative learning
• To provide a forum for empowering London communities
• To add value to the existing ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) networks in London and the UK with some relevance to London

With a global focus:

• To contribute to the global excellence in ESD, especially by building on London’s diversity
• To learn from the partners in the Global Learning Space for ESD in the common endeavour of building a sustainable world

Governance and Structure


Our governance structure accommodates the dynamics and flexibility needed for a transformative education process and ensures maximum accountability and transparency.

At the topmost level, the Advisory Council provides advice and support for strategy and specific plans where appropriate. The Steering Group is responsible for coordinating the activities and projects of the London RCE.

Core elements

Falling in line with the guidelines of the UN University, the London RCE has four core elements:

Governance and leadership: addressing issues of RCE management and leadership
Collaboration: addressing the engagement of actors from all levels of formal, non-formal and informal education
Research and development: addressing the role of research and its inclusion in RCE activities, as well as contributing to the design of strategies for collaborative activities, including those with other RCEs
Transformative education: contributing to the transformation of the current education and training systems to satisfy ambitions of the region regarding sustainable living and livelihood

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